Thursday, October 8, 2009


As the NFL season drew near this year, I was really looking forward to tailgating again. Unfortunately due to a late starting season and two road games to start, I had to wait until the last weekend of September to get up at an obscenely early hour and drink beer before most of you were awake.

As you may know, I'm hooked up with the Finnegan's Irish tailgating group (mentioned here: and so I usually don't bring my own beer because of both the convenience of drinking out of the tap and of course the charity angle to it. But I knew with all the new stuff I've discovered, I had to at least bring a couple other beers to add to the mix. I remember one of the first things I thought after trying Surly's Coffee Bender was that it would be fantastic to kickoff a tailgating morning with. So I did exactly that at 6:45 am the morning of the Vikings-Niners matchup.

A couple Coffee Benders followed by a Founders Breakfast Stout with a Surly Furious tossed in made it a fantastic morning. The nice part about drinking craft beers instead of the others that won't be mentioned is that you don't drink nearly as many of them and you're not running to the bathroom so damn much.

This past Monday Night's game demanded some thing special thrown in the cooler so I brought a Little Sumpin' Extra to kick off the afternoon of tailgating with and a bottle of Old Rasputin as the victory beer and it ended up going very well with the victory cigar I enjoyed after the game as well. Fill in the middle with few glasses of Finnegan's (and one grossly overpriced Michelob Golden Lite in the dome) and it was a very nice night of beer paired with an all time fabulous Monday Night Football game.

Not sure what the remaining games of the season will bring but I do plan on kicking off every morning with a Surly Coffee Bender because it's never too early to get surly. If you're going to any home games, stop by our Finnegan's tent in the Purple Two lot, also known as the Star Tribune lot. Skol Vikes!

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