Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beer Club March 2010 - Smoke Beers

The March edition of Beer Club saw another month scheduled around the release of a beer.  This time it was the Schell's Stag #3, a rauchbier

Like the March 2010 meeting, I decided to serve food to complement the beer.  Thanks to Dave's advice I bought some different cheeses and put them out with some deer sausage.  I couldn't quite figure out what cheeses were supposed to go with these beers so I just bought an array of them, including smoked and non-smoked cheeses.

The answer is that they all went pretty damn well with the beers.  This style is made for paring with food.

Here's the lineup I went with:

Attendance was about perfect too because we had the ideal number in my opinion (seven) and all were what I consider to be full fledged members of the club.  This meeting will be the answer to the trivia question of "What was the first month that there was no Paul at Beer Club?"  Yep, for the first time since its inception there was no Paul at Beer Club as all three of them were the missing members that night. 

It was still a damn fun night with some really good beers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beer Club February 2011 - Abbey Dubbels

We did Trappist beers in general for March 2010's Beer Club but I decided to break it down a bit further and do specifically the abbey (and abbey style) dubbels.  I wanted a nice mix of American beers to mix in with the Belgian beers.  This was not only to compare and contrast how the breweries in the US interpreted the styles but also give some examples of beers that didn't cost $5+ 

The lineup:

We once again split into two nights. The first night we welcomed back Captain Dave for his second guest appearance and were also joined by Michael from the Four Firkins.  The second night was comprised of the the original founding members who made the club what it is today.


Beer Club January 2011 - Porters

Like brown ales, porters were another style of beer that I wasn't crazy about doing because they seemed a bit on the boring side to me.  A lineup like this proved me wrong though:

Nothing too noteworthy about this evening.  It was much like the beer style we did.  Not super exciting but a solid, perfect night with friends.

Beer Club December 2010 - Christmas/Winter Beers

This might be another repeat month but considering how different this category of beers can be I think it's a no brainer to do it every year.  This is also the first month that we split into two nights because of the high interest in attending a club meeting.  The first night we welcomed Max as a first (and so far only) time guest.

The lineup:

We also had Jennifer Griswold from Channel 5 news come to the bar on the second night to interview me regarding the Vikings game after the Metrodome collapsed.  Yep, I got Beer Club on the lead story of the Channel 5 news that night.  We arrived that night my friends.

It was a wide variety of flavors and for the most part they all went over well.  The Fireside Chat was the only stinker in the bunch (but we all thought the label was bad ass!) and the Snowstorm and both Brrs were very well received.

Beer Club November 2010 - Brown Ales

I always knew we'd end up doing a brown ales month but I never thought I'd want to until I finally tried Bell's Best Brown and rediscovered Surly Bender all over again.   We also set the record for most Minnesota beers in a given month with four.

The lineup:

We welcomed back Andy for his second month and had Captain Dave as a first time guest.

Beer Club October 2010 - India Pale Ales

Yep, it's another repeat of 2009 but we've come such a long way that I thought it was a good time to revisit what's probably the overall favorite style of the club.  That and there have been a shit ton of new beers that I wanted to introduce everybody to and/or compare to each other.

The lineup:

We also had two guests (Keith aka Surly Boy Wonder and Marie) and added two new members (Paul N and Andy).

Catching up with Beer Club

One of the hardest things about keeping up with this damn thing is the fact that I want to stay somewhat chronological and timely if I can.  What that usually results in is a lack of updating because I'm constantly behind on Beer Club updates.

Well, we're gonna get all caught up here and it's gonna be in a quick and dirty fashion.  Just a quick mention of the lineup and a pic or two for each month so that we have a record of what has been done...

Once that's caught up, all club related activity will be moved over to the Saisons of Anarchy website and this will be a place to find random stuff about beer.