Friday, January 8, 2010

A Brush with Brewing Immortality

Monday morning I got a message from Shawn from BGP via Twitter asking if I was going to go to Town Hall that night to see Greg Koch from Stone brewing. This was the first that I had heard of it but I was all over it. I had heard that he was talking about coming to MN and was asking where a good place to have a beer in Minneapolis would be but I missed his tweet from the night before about being at Town Hall that night.

Now I'm not in the business in any way, shape
or form and didn't really have much to say to him but I've been wanting to go back to Town Hall for awhile now and this was as good of a reason as any. At least I could say I met the founders of two of my top breweries (Omar being the first) and maybe get a quick pic.

It was also cool to meet Shawn and Leslie, Allison and I sat at a table with them and had a few beers before and while Greg was at Town Hall. I tried their Festivus (fantastic, especially if you like coffee beers), their Angel's Abbey and their Masala Mama IPA (from a cask even!).

As expected, I didn't have much to say to Greg but it was cool as hell when he walked up to me, introduced himself and said he liked my shirt. Alway
s good to have an Arrogant Bastard shirt when you need to represent.

He was cool enough to get everyone together for a group shot and he even took a pic of the two of us. He had a few samples of some Stone brews for us which I gladly tried and then I thanked him and called it a night. All in all, I'd say it was well worth the trip. Thanks again to Greg for a memorable night!

2 of my 3 idols down, is a meeting with Sam Calagione next?

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  1. It was very cool to meet all you guys and share beers! Loved the Town Hall and loved Minneapolis. Thanks for the very flattering reception and the kind words. Even though I was only in MN for a mere 24 hours, it was enough to learn that it's a very cool town and that I look forward to my return!