Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beer Club December 2010 - Christmas/Winter Beers

This might be another repeat month but considering how different this category of beers can be I think it's a no brainer to do it every year.  This is also the first month that we split into two nights because of the high interest in attending a club meeting.  The first night we welcomed Max as a first (and so far only) time guest.

The lineup:

We also had Jennifer Griswold from Channel 5 news come to the bar on the second night to interview me regarding the Vikings game after the Metrodome collapsed.  Yep, I got Beer Club on the lead story of the Channel 5 news that night.  We arrived that night my friends.

It was a wide variety of flavors and for the most part they all went over well.  The Fireside Chat was the only stinker in the bunch (but we all thought the label was bad ass!) and the Snowstorm and both Brrs were very well received.

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