Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beer Club March 2010 - Smoke Beers

The March edition of Beer Club saw another month scheduled around the release of a beer.  This time it was the Schell's Stag #3, a rauchbier

Like the March 2010 meeting, I decided to serve food to complement the beer.  Thanks to Dave's advice I bought some different cheeses and put them out with some deer sausage.  I couldn't quite figure out what cheeses were supposed to go with these beers so I just bought an array of them, including smoked and non-smoked cheeses.

The answer is that they all went pretty damn well with the beers.  This style is made for paring with food.

Here's the lineup I went with:

Attendance was about perfect too because we had the ideal number in my opinion (seven) and all were what I consider to be full fledged members of the club.  This meeting will be the answer to the trivia question of "What was the first month that there was no Paul at Beer Club?"  Yep, for the first time since its inception there was no Paul at Beer Club as all three of them were the missing members that night. 

It was still a damn fun night with some really good beers.

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