Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another brick in the wall

Last Wednesday apparently saw another brick added to the foundation of this fun. Last month one of the guys at the Four Firkins told me about a place near the U called Stub & Herb's if I wanted a bar that served good microbrews on tap.

Surly was debuting their beer trailer there and for $5 you could get a burger and Surly on tap. After starting off with a Bender I bellied up to the bar to see what they had on tap. I can't even begin to describe the wonders but they have dozens of fantastic beers including a Surly (16 Grit). I also tried Hop Juice by Two Brothers and took the beer challenge (MN vs IL beers).

Most are $5 a pint ($3.50 during happy hour) and $2.50 for a 7oz glass which is nice if you'd like to try several beers. I'll be back.

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