Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Weekend

Went to Mankato for a nice relaxing guy's weekend of football watching, golf, Tarantino and of course beer.

Mankato's MGM stores seem to have a great selection of microbrews for a big liquor store so I stopped by the North Mankato location to see what they had for me to drink during the Vikes game Friday night.

It took awhile to get things narrowed down because of the selection but I eventually decided to try a six pack each of Goose Island India Pale Ale and Bell's Kalamazoo Stout and grabbed a four pack of Surly Coffee Bender (why is that stuff so expensive these days?). Official ratings to come but after 2 of the IPA's and a Stout I could safely say I chose wisely.

Saturday morning I rolled out of bed for to relax for awhile before golf and had myself a Coffee Bender.

Decided not to have any while golfing but did have another Goose Island at the house before James and I took off at the bar.

While there I asked what they had for darker beers on tap and when I heard that they had Oktoberfests from both Schell's and Leinie's, I decided to start with a Schell's to support my hometown brewery. I'm not real familiar with Oktoberfests but James and I both thought it looked pretty pale and yellow to be one. No worries though, it tasted good and went down nicely. Found out when I ordered my next round that the first waitress was mistaken and the Schell's that I drank was actually Zommerfest and that my next beer would indeed be an Oktoberfest from Leinie's. That made a lot more sense after we found that out. Both beers were pretty solid and I had a second Leinie's which went down slow since a good dinner and the first two tall glasses filled my belly. Looking forward to my exploration of more Oktoberfests (including Schell's which should be out around now).

Sunday was quite eventful, just had one of the 32 oz mugs filled with Honeyweiss after our very successful volleyball match. Another good weekend with beer in the books.

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