Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Hometown Love & Something Stoopid

The first beer of tonight is from my hometown brewery, a Schell's Hefeweizen. I was never very crazy about most of Schell's beers but I'm guessing now it was because I never got into the kinds they are good at making. This was a very pleasant surprise, it's too bad we're at the end of the season for this brew. Makes me look forward to my first tour since their remodeling.

I gave it a 3.9 on with the following comments:
Golden in color, slightly cloudy. Fresh aroma with a yeast element and a hint of lemon. Clean and very smooth mouthfeel. Tangy flavor, citrus notes. Very good beer.

Next up was Lagunita's Hop Stoopid. Dude at the Four Firkins recommended this when I told him I was a Furious and Un*Earthly Fan. It smelled wonderful and ranks closely to Un*Earthly but the finish is a bit too harsh to catch the top IPA's for me.

I gave it a 4.2 on with the following comments:
Deep golden color, wonderful fruit & floral hops aroma. Thick and sweet mouthfeel with a bitter citrus flavor. Lingering bitter finish on the tongue. A little bit harsh on the finish but overall a great beer.

That's about it for the night, two excellent choices one off another Firkins suggestion and one from my own gut feeling. Looking forward to some 2-for-1's at Mainstreet tomorrow, it might be time for me to give an official rating to Newcastle.

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