Monday, January 9, 2012

December 23rd - Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

Belgian Style Yeti is a beer I've been siting on for about half of the year and I really didn't know what to expect. Alvey was sampling some at the Four Firkins last month and while it's tough to get a good gauge on a beer in that setting, I knew that I liked it.

I also have some Tiny from Weyerbacher which is also described as a Belgian style imperial stout. When I first heard about this style, I half expected some odd spicing to be thrown into the beer. Since I was trying to keep to beers that I had matching glassware for in the MoA, I opted for the Great Divide instead.

I'm not sure exactly what about this beer made it a "Belgian style imperial stout" but I know that it was probably my favorite of the Yeti varieties. Not to say I didn't like the others but this one seemed to have a deep, rich chocolate flavor that really stood out to me. I'm glad I have another bottle or two stashed away.

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