Thursday, January 12, 2012

December 25th - St Bernardus Christmas Ale

The most special day of the month (of awesomeness) deserves the best beer, right? I guess it could be up for debate but considering that St Bernardus Abt 12 is my favorite beer and the St Bernardus Christmas Ale is a very similar beer, it's hard to argue too much.

It's a great beer for a good price too, maybe a buck or two more than the regular St Bernardus offerings. I shared some with my nephew who lacked proper glassware but it resulted in demonstration of just how luscious of a head this beer gives you.

It was my only beer of the day. Well, by day I mean hours during which the sun was in the sky. We later ventured over to the Nortons' for several more beers including something I brought, another can't-go-wrong beer for the season. I bought two bottles and only made it through one. We'll see how that second bottle tastes next  year.

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