Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 14th - Ommegang Aphrodite

Yeah, by Wednesday there was a definite theme to this week's MoA beers. I've had a good looking row of Ommegang bottles for a long time, too long in my opinion and I figured I'd keep knocking them down. This time I went for the Aphrodite.

Definitely one of the more unique beers I've had and that's in a totally good way.  Made with pear, raspberries, grains of paradise and brett and the combo worked.  The brett didn't come through as much as I expected but it did add just enough.

I've realized that my dislike of raspberry flavored stuff over the years is likely a result from the fake flavoring in everything that I tried growing up (candy, kool aid, etc) and when something like this is made with real raspberries, I'm on board. 

Great beer, something I'd drink again and something I'd try pushing to a wine drinker who doesn't like beer (assuming they'd want to be pushed, no need to waste good beer on someone stubborn!).

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