Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th - Leech Lake Brewing Company's 3 Sheets Imperial India Pale Ale

The Month of Awesomeness continues with a 3 Sheets Imperial IPA from Leech Lake Brewing Company. The brewery first showed up on my radar thanks to my good buddy Captain Dave who discovered them because they're very near to his cabin.

He hooked me up with this 750ml of their monster of a double IPA a little while ago and this month seemed like the time to finally crack it. I can't recall many (if any) British style double IPA's but I'm gonna go ahead and say this is one. Big hops, big malt balance but no floral/citrus notes that I'm used to in the American/West Coast style IIPA's.

It's a damn good beer and, for those of us in Minnesota, is another opportunity to drink local. They're actually doing a tasting at the Four Firkins on Thursday night so if you're not busy get over there and sample some of their other stuff!

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