Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 8th - Samuel Adams The Vixen

Hopefully I didn't scare anybody into thinking that the Month of Awesomeness had ended. Hell, it wasn't even on hiatus. It just wasn't being documented in a timely fashion due to Isenberg Toy Fest 2011 last weekend.

The Vixen by Samuel Adams is here to fix that. Well, it was here last Thursday anyway. 

I'm not sure why Sam Adams gets ragged on by some beer geeks but I think they're full of shit. They're the same people who only listened to [insert any band that started small and made it big] before they caught on with everybody else and now that more people know about them they're not any good.  Whatever.

I was excited to see Sam Adams get outside the box with offerings like the Imperial Series, the Barrel Room Collection and now whatever-the-hell they call this series (their website isn't so user friendly).

I'm a big fan of their chocolate bock and when I saw this on the shelf at a reasonable price (I think I paid around $5-6something for it) I thought I'd give it a whirl. Peppers in a beer used to scare me off but I've learned when they're in a stout or something like this beer they're there more for effect than actual flavor.

This was no exception. Nice chocolate flavor highlighted by the little bit of tingle from the peppers. I really liked this beer and would drink it again for sure, especially as an after dinner dessert scenario.

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